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Serving All of San Diego
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Serving All of San Diego
Including La Mesa, El Cajon, San Diego County and Surrounding Areas
 CA License Number 572769

3 Tips for Creating an Innovative Office Space

If you have a modern and innovative company, no matter what field you are in, you want to have an office space to match your company's innovative style. However, you may not know where you to begin to make that office dream a reality.

You can go about creating a modern and dynamic office space for your business in many ways. To achieve your design goals, get to know a few of the trends in innovative office spaces and how you can incorporate such ideas into your final office space design.

Think Collaboration Rather Than Separation

One of the main innovations to come into the office design field in recent years is the idea of fostering collaboration rather than separation. When employees are separated by large, bulky partitions and cubicles, they do not feel encouraged to work together but rather work alongside others.

This distinction may seem arbitrary but can make a major difference in the levels of engagement and innovation that your employees bring to your company. When you work alongside someone, you are each engaged in your own work and have minimal interactions, but when you collaborate, you share ideas and thoughts.

As such, you want to avoid the standard office design that separates each employee into their own isolated or semi-isolated space. If you do have partitions, keep them low and transparent so that employees can still see and communicate with one another easily. Doing so supports both individual work and collaborative work.

Arrange Individual Work Stations Around Collaborative Spaces

Many offices are fully collaborative in today's day and age. But if this is not the direction you want to go into entirely, you may instead want to look into options that combine individualized workspaces with collaborative ones. In fact, while the trend has been toward fully collaborative workspaces, the wave of the future will likely be more about balance.

Balancing the individual and collaborative work spaces and environments is easy. The aforementioned clear and low partitions can help to achieve those goals. However, you may also want to take that a step further.

Center your employees' individual workstations around a centralized collaborative workspace. For example, each employee can have their own desk and workstation to keep their belongings and to be based out of.

However, they can also choose to move into the collaborative spaces when they want to interact with other employees, change their perspective, or simply sit somewhere more comfortable. This option gives employees flexibility, supports all work styles, and creates an open and friendly environment for employees.

Use Color and Comfort in Collaborative Spaces

Some of the most innovative companies in the world in the past few decades have had offices that are full of color, fun, and creature comforts for their employees. While you may want to keep the individual workstations traditional with a desk, phone, and the like, you can go a little wild with the collaborative spaces.

You want employees to want to attend group meetings, participate in collaborative events, or simply take the initiative to talk to others and share ideas. Thus, your collaborative spaces should be warm and welcoming.

Put in plush chairs or chaise loungers in bold patterns or colors. Have a desk surrounded by mismatched, funky chairs in various hues and styles. Or have areas in the collaborative spaces where employees can play games, stretch, exercise, or grab a free snack. Just think fun, welcoming, and bright, and you will have no problem in your design scheme.

With these tips in mind, you can be sure that you design an office space that supports your innovative and dynamic business model. ‚Äč