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Serving All of San Diego
Including La Mesa, El Cajon, San Diego County and Surrounding Areas
 CA License Number 572769

4 Dos and Don'ts for Renovating Your Sandwich Shop


Are you considering upgrades to your small cafe or sub and sandwich shop? If so, you can make your shop more productive and appealing to your customers. From keeping everything neat and organized to remodeling your countertops, let the experts help make your eat-in establishment functional and shiny new. Here are four constructive hints.

1. DO Upgrade Cabinets for Accessibility and Ergonomics

Installing new cabinetry in your cafe or sandwich shop can make a world of difference. Modern and trendy cabinets will not only give your establishment a fresh new look but also boost productivity significantly. Insist on cabinets that are ergonomic and accessible for your employees. When reaching into cabinets, your workers should not have to bend and extend arms. Pullout drawers work well.

Don't forget to update your cash register cabinet or stand as well. This cabinet should have a well-placed hole for computer cables, as well as adjustable interior shelving or drawers. The cash register stand should also include storage space for holding pens, documents or receipts and other important paperwork.

2. DON'T Underestimate the Importance of Counter Materials

Consider the countertop materials that will be most suitable for a sandwich shop workstation. Your contractor will have suggestions. Ask to see some demo photos.

Granite is affordable and aesthetically pleasing. It is a durable and rugged material that should withstand constant use in your cafe. Butcher block wood is also a good idea because it can double as cutting board space as you need it. Quart, while it may be more costly, is long lasting and will resist stains.

3. DO Keep Your Colors Bright, Lively and Clean

Whether installing new wallpaper, updated cabinetry or an entirely new ceiling, your color schemes should be considered. Unlike a residential kitchen color scheme, your cafe or sandwich shop needs to draw people in. Create an environment that is relaxing yet uplifting. Do this by choosing colors that reflect your cafe's style.

Light colors, such as white and beige, will make patrons feel comfortable and relaxed. Bright colors, on the other hand, will make your customers feel invigorated and want to indulge. Ask your contractor about incorporating these color schemes in your cabinetry and furnishings.

4. DON'T Forget the 5-S Rule

Many individuals who have worked in a sub and sandwich shop or some type of eat-in cafe recognize this idiom: the 5-S rule stands for Sort, Shine, Set, Systematize, Stay the Course. Breaking it down word for word, what does this mean?


Keep everything neat and organized in your establishment for better efficiency, safety and ease of use. This step is what managers refer to as the simplification process. Begin by labeling and tagging designated storage areas and everyday items and then removing all clutter. Everything should be in its proper place.

If items or equipment is not to be used, place a red tag on them. This label will remind employees not to use them. Do this before remodeling takes place, and maintain this rule permanently.


Keep your counters and tables clean and shiny at all times. When remodeling, choose materials for these surfaces that are easy to maintain and will not retain moisture. When having new upgrades installed, read manufacturer's guidelines for cleaning the surfaces. Also, your equipment and tools must be kept sanitized and clean at all times. Inspect these routinely.


Set visual clues. For instance, put things close to the workstation where they'll be used. This setup helps your workers find things quickly, even during renovations.


For the best business practices, everything should be systematic. A well-structured workplace is a must, so be sure everyone is on the same page. You need a good system to succeed, so plan it out before you remodel.

Stay the Course

Regardless of obstacles that may threaten to undermine your success, you must stay the course. Keep your main objectives in focus at all times. Does your cafe have a main theme? Avoid deviations by keeping upgrades, furnishings and components symmetrical.

As a final thought, ask your contractor if he or she has a portfolio of completed projects. Seeing the contractor's work may inspire you and offer innovative ideas for your cafe remodel.‚Äč